Friday, 29 July 2016

Top 10 High Paying Google Adsense Alternatives For Bloggers

 Have you been rejected by Adsense several times and and yet you don’t know other ways to monetize your blog? Just calm down as I’ll give you the list of top 10 high paying Google Adsense Alternatives you can use to monetize your blog or site even without having more traffic.

These Google Adsense alternatives I’m about to show you now really performs well among other ads serving network on the internet with lots of good ads that could attract visitors to click on them. Most of these Google Adsense alternatives have affiliate programs attached to them by which when your visitors clicks on the ads and make any purchase or perform an action like email sign up or submission, download softwares, games and others, you get paid from the ads network.

List Of 10 Best Paying Google Adsense Alternatives To Make Money Online

1. This is the best ads serving network among the list of Google Adsense alternatives mentioned in this post. This ads serving network is a powered by two major search engines which are Yahoo and Bing and also serve contextual ads to your site visitors. gives you the opportunity to earn money from ads that is been displayed on your site and you can also customize your ad unit to any size that fits in the page you want it to be displayed.

2. AdsOptimal: This is a new ad network that have been paying since 2013 and it’s becoming more famous to bloggers in search for Google AdSense alternative. As for publishers complaining about getting little amount of money from other ads serving networks, AdsOptimal is the best for you to make your money because of their high payout. The amazing thing about them is that if you if have other blogs and you you integrate it to the site, you’ll earn extra $5 for each integration.
3.Kontera: This is a popular ads serving network that displays it’s ads on hyperlinked text when you hover the mouse on the linked text. It also offers image and video ads. Kontera displays it’s ads as text and most of these text ads annoys your site visitors because all your keywords will be linked to a related ads and Kontera ads are based on pay per click payment.

4.Bidvertiser: Bidvertiser is a pay per click ads serving network that could be a good option for you if you didn’t get Adsense approval or you got banned by Adsense. The way Bidvertiser works is a little bit different from Adsense because Adsense shows ads based on context or visitor’s interest while Bidvertiser creates a bidding system that allows the highest bidder to advertise on your blog. So at your initial sign up, you won’t be able to earn much revenue as it takes some time to get your site found by their highest bidders. Bidvertiser gives you the opportunity to display Text ads, Banner ads, Mobile Ads, Slider ads etc and you can also make money by promoting your customized toolbar.

5.Chikita: Chikita is also a good ads serving network you can use to monetize your blog. Chikita doesn’t really require huge amount of traffic before you get approved and they also have 3 types of ads system which are Search Targeted Ads, Local Ads, and Mobile Ads. It’s PPC is not as that of Adsense but it’s still encouraging.

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6.Revenuehits: Revenuehits is a performance base ad serving network that helps publishers to generate more revenue from their performance. They gives you the opportunity to display Banner ads, Sliders, Pop-unders, button etc. If you really want to make money from this site, I would suggest you to keep your ads running for 10-15 days to get best results.

7.Infolinks: This is a bit different from other advertising networks. The reason is mainly because it shows ads differently. Infolinks gives you the opportunity to display InFold, InText, InTag, and InFrame ads which are designed to overcome banner blindness.

8.VigLink: This is totally different from other ads serving networks. The kind of ad it display converts normal links into affiliate links. If someone should purchase anything through your link, you’ll earn commission out of it. For example, if you have a post about HP laptop or you mentioned HP laptop on a post, VigLink will automatically add new affiliate links or convert existing links to affiliate links which will convert your blog reader.

9.Adversal: This is one of the best Google Adsense alternatives mentioned in this post in terms of serving ads. It has a great CTR and works with most languages. To join this ads serving network, you need to have monthly page views of 50,000 before you get approved as a publisher.

10.Adengage: This is an online ads serving network for publishers to sell direct ads. Adengage has served over 1.2 trillion Ads since their existence and you can easily get approved without having much traffic on your site or blog.

Now that you’ve seen the top 10 Google Adsense alternatives sites mentioned above, I hope you’ll sign up with one or more to start making money from them. If you have any question or contribution to this topic, kindly share with us….


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