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Wednesday, 6 June 2018


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Monday, 4 June 2018


Businesses can be classified based on:

1. Size
2. Product

These two factors are paramount when deciding the type of marketing that will work for your business. Micro and Small scale businesses are usually localized i.e. their customers are usually residents of their locale while Medium and Large scale businesses may have customers both within and beyond their locale. This means that majority of micro and small scale businesses gain their customers through recommendations by existing customers while Medium and Large scale businesses may need to spend much on marketing.

Two of the first three questions an entrepreneur has to answer when building a new business are;

Friday, 1 June 2018

SIX Beneficial Dos and Don’ts of Email Marketing

Email Marketing is an avenue for businesses to have long conversations about their products with potential and existing customers. Enquiries made due to Email newsletters should lead to customer actions that profit the business i.e. customers should call because they are ready to make a purchase. Ambiguous and overstuffed newsletters frustrate potential customers and may cause existing customers to lose trust in the brand. Emails about new products or promotions should answer all questions customers might ask or contain links to information channels (website pages) where the questions can be answered.

Emails do not need to scream ‘SALE’ at all times, they should show you care about the customers. Inform potential customers on the merits of having your product i.e. what your product can do for them while you inform existing customers on how to take care of the products they purchased from you (after all, your products can’t be perfect). In fact, Email newsletters are channels to indirectly show how positively different your brand is from your competitors, highlight your discounts, promotions, uniqueness, this makes an ‘ORDER NOW’ Call To Action unnecessary because customers will buy because they are convinced your product is good for them.

Aside from the points above, there are some things you should do in your Email Marketing and some you should avoid doing. Here are some dos and don’ts of Email Marketing.

1.)Don’t buy Mail Lists, Do create one

At the start of your business, you need people to market your product to, right? The easy way out is buying a mail list containing potential customers. Mail list are usually not segmented, as the sellers don’t have the time to categorize their ocean of profiles. Assuming you sell wigs which is prevalently used by ladies (and Italian bald men), then you used the mail list you bought to blast newsletters to thousands of people. Your Email gets to several demographics, including those people who don’t use wigs and those who hate wigs. Some people may block you from ever sending messages to them (or simply unsubscribe) while others may take to their social media platforms and drag your brand. This is really damning for a new brand because most people immediately see what happened and mark your brand as a cheater.

The hard way is a gradual process that grants you an enduring presence. Initially, you might need to go to other platforms to create awareness for your brand e.g. Google AdWords Display Network. Then you ask people coming to your website to ‘subscribe’ with their Emails so you can send them amazing offers. This gradually builds you a mail list comprising your target audience only.

2.)After they subscribe, Do welcome them, Don’t make them seem an ordinary addition

When a person subscribes to a brand’s mailing list, it is because he or she wants to know more about what the brand has to offer. Welcome messages can be automated; an introduction to the brand and its products could be added to keep the subscriber’s attention. This makes sure that when one of the products is marketed in a subsequent newsletter, it does not seem alien to the customer.

3.)Don’t Send the same mail to every subscriber, Do send mails in segments

Subscribers in your mail list have different levels of trust in your brand. This level of trust ranges between people that have never purchased your product to those who purchase your products regularly. Subscribers should be divided into segments and mails should be sent out based on these segments. Subscribers can also be categorized based on the type of product they buy. Subscribers getting mails containing the type of products they want are more likely to convert than subscribers getting a general mail

4.)Don’t send mails that addresses no one, Do personalize your mails

Personalization simply means making something look tailor-made for a person. A subscriber is very likely going to open a mail addressed directly to him or her. Also, sending a mail a subscriber makes the brand seem more human to him or her. Several Email Marketing Platforms have the mail personalization option for you to use.

5.)Do thorough check of mails before sending, Don’t send without scanning for errors

Mails should be scrutinized for errors before deployment. These errors may include spelling errors which may make your brand seem like a joke to subscribers. A way to avoid spelling errors is to keep the written part of the mails short so you can afford time to properly scrutinize it. Emails containing broken links cost the sender in conversion since the purpose of sending the mail is usually to transport the subscriber to a page where they can carry out activities profitable to you. It’s good practice to use a few Call To Action button links in mails, hence it would wasteful to use links that lead nowhere. Mails should be previewed and each link checked to make sure it works.

6.)Don’t ignore mail reports and analytics, Do read through and analyze reports

Email analytics help you find mistakes in previous mails and help improve in subsequent mails. Three very important Email Marketing metrics are:

i. Clickthrough Rate: This is the percentage of mail recipients that clicked on one or more of the links in a given mail. It is the ratio of total clicks to the total number of mails delivered multiplied by 100 i.e.

total number of unique clicks / total number of mails delivered * 100

For instance, 200 total clicks / 5000 delivered mails * 100 = 4% clickthrough Rate

This value helps to know how engaging the mails are, so some things are tweaked to get more engagement. It can also be used to determine the results when two variants of the same mail are tested i.e. A/B testing e.g. two mails could be tested to get the subject line that engages the most.

ii. Conversion Rate: This is the percentage of mail recipients who carried a profitable activity due to the mail. For instance, if a mail was sent to get downloads for a resource, conversion rate would be;

number of resource downloaded / total number of mails downloaded * 100

e.g. 300 resource download / 10000 delivered mails * 100 = 3% conversion rate

iii Bounce Rate: This is the percentage of the mail that was not delivered to the subscribers’ box successfully. It is the ratio of bounced mails to the total number of sent mails multiplied 100 i.e.

number of bounced mails / total number of sent mails * 100

For instance, 5 bounced mails / 10000 sent mails * 100 = 0.5% bounce rate

‘Bouncing’ of Emails may be due to problems with a valid email address like recipient server network problems. These mails may be resent and would not bounce, this is called ‘soft’ bounce. On the other hand, bouncing of mails may be due to invalid or non-existent mails, these mails will never be delivered. This is called ‘hard’ bounce and the ideal thing to do is remove such email addresses from your mail list. Emails sent using mail lists generated legitimately and gradually rarely record bounces.

In summary, the Dos and Don’ts of Email Marketing are;

Don’t buy Mail Lists, Do create one

After they subscribe, do welcome them, Don’t make them seem an ordinary addition

Don’t send the same mail to every subscriber, Do send mails in segments

Don’t send mails that addresses no one, Do personalize your mails

Do thorough check of mails before sending; Don’t send without scanning for errors

Don’t ignore mail reports and analytics, Do read through and analyze reports

Are there some other Dos and Don’ts of Email Marketing you know, comment below and please share this with your friends

Selling your Product or Services to Nigerians on 5 Social Media Platforms


Facebook started operation giving users enough space to post pictures and add captions, creating a timeline of events in their lives. Things have progressed amazingly for the platform, now anybody can start a live video and connect with their friends. As time goes by, new developments in the platform makes the kind of content that appeal to the users vary.

Facebook has over 17 million users in Nigeria and 97% of these users access the platform from their mobile phones and 75% spend 20 minutes Facebook every day. In Nigeria, Internet connection is relatively slow and prices of data plans are high, most users would not stream videos of their friends, let alone video ads.

This means if you are trying to market your brand to Nigerians on Facebook, it is better you use image ads with captions and sometimes

Saturday, 21 January 2017


It is essential to comprehend what an Integrated Marketing Strategy is before you begin with one.

To unite isolate parts, consolidate or join into an entire for the better great of all. Joining or organizing separate components to give/make a concordant interrelated entirety. Association of units to work helpfully.


The demonstration of advancing and offering in a commercial center. The way toward making, imparting, conveying offerings that have an incentive for clients/customers. It is the strategies used to advance and begin the business procedure by creating leads through statistical surveying, system improvement, deals methods, business interchanges and business advancement. Showcasing is utilized to discover and characterize the objective client, fulfill the client, and keep the client by building brand mindfulness and brand unwaveringness through business correspondences. This can incorporate publicizing, regular postal mail, expos, sites and online networking advancements.


Alludes to an arrangement of activity intended to accomplish a specific objective or result. Methodology is the "how to" rundown that blueprints every one of the strategies required and the request of every errand to be proficient over a characterized day and age.

Presently when you set up every one of these things together you can perceive how this could make an a great deal more powerful showcasing effort. You are utilizing your post office based mail, email crusades, icy calling and different advancements to achieve the true objective you have made. This is the incorporated part. I'm certain you have seen organizations who contract a website specialist to do their webpage and a visual planner to do their handout and leave their promotions to whatever organization offers them the advertisement situation (business repository are infamous for this). The two look of all these showcasing things are totally unique and are not imparting a similar message. Possibly this ought to be known as an isolated showcasing approach since every piece is centered around all alone objectives like the picture above and the "isolated" word.

The key some portion of this gathering is centered around making an arrangement, sorting out things and making a timetable to convey particular advertising things for a reason or reason. This is a proactive way to deal with advertising rather than a responsive approach. You have presumably observed organizations that get some answers concerning a neighborhood expo and join and slap together a speedy mess of things to make a demonstrate that is two weeks away. At last this winds up looking poor and amateure. This is the situation with most automatic receptive advertising. In the picture over, the reason "Incorporated" works is on the grounds that we have been prepared on the most proficient method to compose a word to impart intending to the peruser. We took our instruction of how to spell and compose and made this game plan of letters mean something.

Deals are down so we got the chance to accomplish something right? Yes, venture back and make a diversion arrangement, build up a system, characterize your objective market, make sense of where your clients are and speak with them on the levels that they require correspondences. A case is utilizing the business index to contact a youthful crowd to offer them mobile phones or auto stereos or shoes. The business directory are dead to the under 30's group. In actuality the twenty-year-olds likely have never utilized the business index to buy something. Are the business directory a decent place for handymen attempting to achieve the 40+ group? Likely so. This is the reason you should know your gathering of people and talk in a way that they can comprehend and need to be imparted to.

The point here is utilizing an incorporated advertising procedure is something that is not just successful at achieving your outcomes, it is likewise more savvy since there is less cash squandered. It additionally permits you to begin setting a yearly promoting spending which will likewise help with different territories of business administration.

Friday, 20 January 2017


To end up distinctly a fruitful DIGITAL MARKETER, you must be unimaginably entrepreneurial in your reasoning. You may advertise an item or administrations for a long time without an effective story however with key entrepreneurial thought only a draw will get you nearer to accomplishing your set objectives.

The current advanced advertiser has a wide range of duties and works cross-practically with all parts of the business. In-house advanced groups are ordinarily understaffed, notwithstanding expanding weight to perform in a quick evolving environment. So what's a computerized advertiser to do? Here are three things to remember keeping in mind the end goal to prevail in the part.

Delineate Tools to Business Objectives

Computerized advertisers control a number of the touch focuses where customers associate with the brand and in this way need to adjust their advanced action to bigger business objectives. Advanced advertiser's arms are far and tremendous in reach—and it is anything but difficult to fall into a dark opening of new devices and patterns. Ben Shields, Lecturer in Managerial Communication at the MIT Sloan School of Management who educates a course via web-based networking media administration, stresses,

"Fruitful advanced advertisers adequately impart how online networking devices help an association fulfill its general business objectives," Shields says. "Having the mindfulness and comprehension of the part computerized and social plays inside the setting of the bigger association is basic."

It is insufficient for computerized advertisers to be capable clients of an advanced and online networking device—it is about them seeing how to best help the organization to meet its business destinations in the advanced space and measuring comes about against these objectives.

best computerized advertisers act and think freely, adjust technique, innovativeness, and systematic intuition . Notwithstanding building up a computerized technique that is adjusted to bigger business destinations, advanced advertisers need to connect with their gatherings of people with innovative battles. At Digital promotion planet; we say it's the adjust of the workmanship and science that makes somebody an incredible advertiser.

"Obviously, it is technically knowledgeable and to have a diagnostic personality, as there are a considerable measure of promotion advancements and examination devices that you need to use to carry out your occupation well," says Fudge. "In any case, it likewise takes a profound comprehension of the client and the capacity to take advantage of the enthusiastic triggers that make all of us human."

Customized inventiveness is fundamental for prevailing in the quick changing scene of advanced advertising. Computerized advertisers need to relentlessly produce imaginative new thoughts that accomplish a particular arrangement of objectives.

Create Technical Experience

At long last, to make it a stride encourage it is useful to have specialized abilities to see new innovations and adjust to an evolving domain. Figuring out how to jump into a photoshop record or change javascript on the fly separates you from the normal computerized advertiser.

"A computerized advertiser who can make speedy plan alters without relying upon the improvement group will be a colossal resource for any organization."

Building inward trust amongst business and designing is significant to prevailing in a multi-practical part. By creating specialized aptitudes, a computerized advertiser can be more independent and largerly affect the organization.


Today, advanced media incorporates overseeing and exceeding expectations at a horde of various touch focuses, stages, and promoting patterns. As a computerized advertiser you are at the convergence of the brand and the client. So as to prevail in the part, an advanced advertiser must be entrepreneurial no matter how you look at it—in vital thinking as well as in building up an interesting aptitude set.

Monday, 16 January 2017


all of us know the importance of seek engine visitors and that getting high great oneway links on your blog is one of the high-quality methods to enhance your blogs scores and get higher seek engine site visitors and outcomes, this submit will be listing plenty methods to get satisfactory one-way links on your blog.

accept as true with you’ve cautiously observed my articles? however if not don’t hesitate to test the blue link.

though earlier than we pass beforehand, here are things that you want to keep in thoughts. In 2012, Google released Penguin replace, which is focused to remove sites the use of spammy or paid approaches to construct hyperlinks. additionally, many methods which I mentioned in the article are not so excellent approaches to get exceptional one way links, so i will strikethrough such methods and you can forget about them.

also, whilst you are building inbound links, you want to maintain satisfactory of hyperlinks and anchor textual content variant on your thoughts. additionally, as opposed to growing lots of back-links in your homepage simplest, begin operating on building links to inner pages. you could start running on useful resource pages like “WordPress manual” and construct links to them. This manner, you may additionally goal single or double word key phrases without problems.

a number of the hyperlink constructing strategies, which you have to ignore:

before, I continue , here are some of the link constructing methods that you should forget about:

keep away from web page huge hyperlink from footer (WordPress issues or plugins)
keep away from shopping for exact anchor textual content hyperlink (keep a share of forty%-20%–20%-10%-10% for anchor text variant)
avoid shopping for bulk hyperlinks from web sites like Fiverr
Don’t choose link networks (build my rank became one among such personal link network, which were given penalized)
avoid blog-Roll links
Article directory links aren't that effective anymore

So, those are some thing that you must keep in mind whilst starting with high-quality inbound link constructing campaign. Out of all the prevailing method, visitor posting is the exceptional way to get exceptional hyperlink and moreover, it'll help you to power traffic in your web web page.

Clever Blogger guide to construct first-rate hyperlinks for your site:

extraordinarily endorsed trick:

broken link building:

This approach will help you to earn short back links from first-rate pages. broken link building method is to locate broken links on a internet site (related to your niche) and electronic mail the content material owner and notify them about damaged link. in conjunction with that, provide them a similar link from your internet site (comparable content which you already have to create one), and ask them to update their put up.

submit visitor submit to other Blogs (list of Blogs to visitor publish)
comment on do follow blogs and make certain these blogs are relevant to your very own blogs. They may not convey too-much of link cost, however it's going to nevertheless be beneficial for overall link-profile of your blog.

begin applicable Threads in boards and link in your weblog Posts

link for your weblog in YourForum Signatures (only excessive nice boards)

Social bookmarking is likewise taken into consideration as one-way links and you have to goal following network: Google plus, Twitter, facebook, Pinterest to name a few.

Make Use of debate boards by Linking for your blog in threads.Quora is one such HQ discussion board.
employ press releases, and ship press-release approximately important updates out of your blog. you could additionally compare excellent product on your area of interest and ship a press-release on the equal.
put up your rss feed to rss directories, here's a listing ofrss directories to get started out.
most forums have a internet site review forum, review your weblog in this boards.
Sponsor blogging contest and you'll get a number of one-way links from this.
Donate to charity web sites, many of them will link lower back on your web page.
build a amazing tool and plenty of humans will hyperlink in your tool and your weblog.
Do a huge product release.
Make the news at any cost.
release your very own firefox extension and have a page committed to it, many humans will hyperlink to it!
weblog approximately celebrities.
Render your services to top humans on your niche.

take note of newspapers and magazines which are inclined to feature specialists in many fields and try and write approximately your niche at the same time as linking lower back in your weblog.

Its proper to hyperlink textual content out of your article to another website, don’t forget to ship us your remark after attempting it.