Monday, 4 June 2018


Businesses can be classified based on:

1. Size
2. Product

These two factors are paramount when deciding the type of marketing that will work for your business. Micro and Small scale businesses are usually localized i.e. their customers are usually residents of their locale while Medium and Large scale businesses may have customers both within and beyond their locale. This means that majority of micro and small scale businesses gain their customers through recommendations by existing customers while Medium and Large scale businesses may need to spend much on marketing.

Two of the first three questions an entrepreneur has to answer when building a new business are;

What to produce?

Whom to produce for?

That is, what should the product be and what kind of people will the product be sold to. The type of product dictates the target buyers e.g. it would be futile to try selling a baby carrier to a young bachelor or to try selling grilled pork to a devout muslim. People of the world can be classified in different ways; these classifications are called demographics in marketing. For instance, the ‘young bachelor’ and ‘devout muslim’ in the above examples are demographics. The two questions above are important in marketing because a product should be marketed with the value it adds to the target buyers i.e. its Unique Selling Point (USP).

More than half of the world population uses the internet; this means the internet is a solid ground for marketing and selling products. The processes and procedures involved in showcasing and selling your products to potential customers over the internet are called Digital (Online) Marketing. Creating and managing online platforms for your brand is always a good option but are your customers online? For instance, you deliver lunch to the aged around your area by yourself; most aged people do not have the patience for the internet and your business is a small scale business. In conclusion, in deciding whether to market your product online, it is essential to look at the size of your business (currently and eventually) and the product you sell.

The question is;

Does your business need Digital Marketing?

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