Thursday, 28 April 2016

Latest Ways To Grow Your Business Through A Website

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1) Your Website Should Be Mobile Responsive

The number of people accessing the internet through their mobile device has surpassed that of computers. If your website was designed for computer screen alone, you’re missing the opportunity with your mobile prospects. I don’t spend much time on a website that is not mobile responsive. If higher percentage of online users access the internet through their mobile device and your business website is not mobile responsive, don’t you think you will be missing lots of business opportunities? It’s time to ensure your website is mobile responsive in order to convert your audience using mobile devices into customers.

 2) Your Website Should Have A Lead Magnet

Lead Magnet is simply a system where you ask a website visitor to submit their name, email address and phone number in exchange for information. The information could be free eBook, Report, Discount, Audio, Video, Consultation or whatever you believe your prospect will find Valuable. According to research, email marketing is still the best way to convert prospect to customer. Your website should have a lead magnet either on the homepage or any other page within the website. You must also ensure you send your email lists valuable content regarding their interest and you should also market to them occasionally. But the warned, don’t send them offer to buy on each of your email message, that’s the fastest way to destroy your brand and get people to unsubscribe from your newsletter. Always provide VALUE through your newsletter with high quality information’s and they will do business with you someday. The Law of Reciprocity is still at play in this Age. People will feel indebted to you after getting a lot from you for free and they will find a way to reward you back. Depending on your business, when you provide a lot of value to your prospects; they can reward you either by buying your services or recommending someone to make use of your services. If you have no way of collecting your prospect contacts, you’re missing lot of business opportunities. Ask your website designer to integrate a Lead Magnet on your website as soon as possible.

3) Your Website Should Offer Live Support

Prospects want instant Answer to their questions regarding your products and services. Beyond phone calls and sending them emails, if you can address their inquiries live on your website, the probability of turning them to customers is high. I have personally had a chat with prospects on my website which resulted in either appointment or demand for proposal. They would have procrastinated the appointment or proposal if I had not hook up with them on my website and reassure them my company can solve their problem. 21st century Prospects need instant answer and that you must provide for them if you need their patronage. It reassures them that you’re a serious Brand. Your website should have a LifeChat application that will enable you chat with your prospects either from your computer or mobile device.

4) Your Website Should Contain Social Proof 

Most people coming to your website are strangers that do not know you or have not identify with your brand before now. How will they trust you with their money when you are still a complete stranger to them? Social proof such as Testimonials, Reviews and Endorsement from your existing customers play’s a special role in convincing new prospect to do business with you. People still rely on others recommendation and endorsement to buy new products or services. Social proof is so powerful on the mind of people. If you don’t have a testimonial from your existing clients because you never consider it important, you should start it now. Type and print a one page document form that contains field like Name, Company Name, Business Type, Position and Review box. A happy client will provide you a review if they had good experience with your company. If your clients are internet savvy, you can create a Review Survey using tools like Google Form, Wufoo, Survey Monkey. You then need to email your clients the form link for them to type their response. You can then utilize these reviews on your website and marketing materials. It is very important to provide your customers an outstanding service because that is the only means to guarantee a positive review from them. Testimonials from your existing customers have the potential to increase your client’s base by 300% if well utilized. I have had customers who said to me they made up their mind to use my service based on the recommendation of others. This is a very powerful marketing channel though neglected because its free and most people consider free things worthless J You need to change your mindset and start getting reviews from your customers now if you want to attract new clients and increase your business revenue.

These are the ways you can increase your customer base by 900% or more in the next 12 months or less. They’re tested and proven by various research and documentation. The only way these ideas can work for you is when you take action and start working on them. 

If your business has an existing website that does not include these info, then you need to talk to your website designer in order to update your website with these features. I have had complains from business owners that their website is not bringing them customers. I can assure you that implementing these ideas will result to your business converting more prospects to paying customers.

However, if you’re reading this article and you do not have a website, visit to get your firm a high quality website that incorporates these ideas in order to start attracting your target audience and converting them to customers. If you also have an existing website that is not bringing you sales, We can also help you redesign your website to be Search Engine Optimized, Social Media Integrated, Mobile Responsive, Lead Magnet integrated, LifeChat Integrated, Good User experience and with a Clear Value Proposition. Visit now and get a website that can increase your business revenue. You can also call 08170744919 for more details.


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