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Top 10 Most Lucrative Business Ideas in Nigeria You Should Start Today

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There are so many lucrative business ideas in Nigeria that have been into existence for long but not yet discovered by Nigerians who intend to make a living in one way or the other or even invest their money in a profitable business that could yield them more returns on investment.

With the way Nigeria economic is depreciating, there is need to start up a business that will yield you more income at the end of the month so as to survive the hardship of the nation. If you should take a deep look at the rate of the unemployed youths and other categories of people who have been retrenched by private organization, you’ll find out that they’re people with lots of experience and professionals in their field but one problem with them is that, they don’t make plans to invest or find out the lucrative business ideas in Nigeria that cat fetch them money.

In this post, I’ll be mentioning the top 10 most lucrative business ideas in Nigeria that you can start with 100k and above depending on the size you want the business to be. These businesses could seems to be popular but I would like you to look deep into them and start up something asap.

Below are List of The Top 10 Most Lucrative Business Ideas In Nigeria To Make You Millions of Naira

Agriculture Business: There is no doubt that Agricultural business is one of the most profitable business among the most lucrative business ideas in Nigeria. Agriculture business is a kind of business that you can with the sum of 100k and still make more profit within a short period of time. Now that the Government have have banned the importation of foreign foods, Nigeria now depend on the locally made products which are gotten from agricultural produce. You can set up a poultry, pig farming, cassava producing firm and more.

 Oil & Gas Business: If you have a reasonable amount of money, you can build a filling station, supply kerosine, diesel or petrol to areas where there is low quantity of supply. This business is very profitable but it requires a huge sum of capital for a start up.

Laundry Service: Laundry service is a good business you can start even with low or no start up capital provided you’ve an office space. This business could be in a local or established form but what really matters is your ability to keep your clients and make them come back again with the way you offer your service to them. As a student in school, you can make a lot of money from this business and it will help you to raise funds for other expenses.

Transportation Business: We know the high cost of transportation in Nigeria today, if you’ve some money to afford a box or taxi, you can venture into this business and start making your money asap. In transportation business, the returns on investment is usually within 6 months and it’s advisable to start with a new vehicle so as to avoid regular repair.

Fashion: Fashion business is a kind of business you should also consider to do if you want to make money. In fashion business, the start up depend on the amount of money you wish to invest. You can start a wholesale of fashion both male and female materials like shoes, clothes, bags with about 100k and as time goes on you develop it etc. This business is also good for a student who lives both in camp and off camp.

Sales of building materials: Building materials business have been in existence for a long time ago, but the challenges most people have in it is their inability to master the trade. This business is one of the most lucrative business in Nigeria that still sell on daily bases because people build houses, offices and churches everyday and they can’t do without getting materials for their building.

Online Advertising Agency: Nigeria has developed to the extent that everything is been done online due to the existence of the internet. Most reputable companies or organizations prefer to reach their audience or potential customers via online advertisement because it goes viral than a radios or television advertisement. You can set up a blog, social media or any form of website that will provide an ad space for people to advertise on.

Investing on Properties: You can start buying properties from different people and then sell to those that need it with huge amount of money which will make you 2 times the amount of money you bought it. This business usually requires a huge amount of money for a start up but you don’t get the profit immediately except you already have customers that have been in search of the properties you’ve bought.

Eatery Centre: Eatery centres are raking lots of cash in Nigeria today. People who invest in this business don’t lack at all and they make more sales on daily bases because people don’t spend much time in cooking in their homes like before. If you should get a good site with business oriented people around, you can start up the business and start making money as well.

Furniture Business: You can start up a furniture business even if you don’t have the skill. You get the skilled once to work for you and supply to companies for the decoration of their offices, houses and so on. Today, there is no home without furnitures and most people cherish furniture works than metals. Just get the knowledge on how to make the supply and then advertise your show room so as to generate more sales.


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